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Name:Heine Rammsteiner ["White-Hair"]
Birthdate:Jan 7

This is Heine.
See Heine sit.
Sit, Heine, Sit!
Good boy~!

Heine visualizes whirled peas through aggressive negotiations.
His work partner does not.

This is because Badou is a silly sausage with only enough vision to get him to his next nicoteine stick while Heine is a deadpanning insensitive weapon!puppy albino who finds perfect tranquility in mob gunfights.

They have come to rescue your fetish!mod children, negotiate your pieces, headshot your freaky regenerating dog!soldiers, and just generally demolish your real estate prices like anything.

An appropriate offering to Heine for his gift of demolition is a plate of Italian Food, or a black coffee given from a miminum distance of fifteen yards away.
This distance shows proper deference and gratitude.
Offering from the appropriate distance is considered especially auspicious for organs wishing to remain within their birth body for the forseeable future.

If Heine goes to sleep in the middle of your comment thread, you will have good luck for a thousand years or at least the fortune of living if you don't wake him.

If you set him on fire, play your sitar in his ear, ask him to fight with you, make up weird nicknames for him, attempt to hit on him (literally or metaphorically), or happen to be female and pass within 100 yards, then you will have bad luck for the next twenty seconds.

Disclaimer: this list is in no way suggestive, or exclusive as to potential actions taken towards one Heine Rammsteiner, or to the range of various gruesome things which might be done to those brave enough to attempt these or other actions.

Remember, kids, Heine is a role-play character, and not at all a real person~
Because for the real world to contain regenerating antisocial albino gunmen would just be silly
And kind of awesome.

Interests (85):

acting perpetually grumpy, aggressive negotiations, apathy, avoiding bright light, avoiding other people's problems, avoiding people in general, avoiding women, badou not asking questions, badou's loquacious whining, bandages, being gynophobic, being left alone, being neurotic, belittling bishop's hobbies, biting people, black coffee, blood, boot-to-the-head, cigarette fumes, dark irony, deadpan humor, dropping naoto, dual weilding, enjoying "peaceful" active battlefields, escapism, fighting the collar, film noir, finding the underground, first person shooters, following naoto around, getting answers, getting nill a voice, gunfighting, hitchcock films, i hate being heroic, ignoring giovanni's mindfsckery, ignoring the crappy view, ignoring the dog inside, insomnia, italian food, keeping guns in churches, killing scientists, lead, living off coffee, martial acrobatics, mushroom ravioli, n64 video games, nill, not answering the phone, not being a monster, not being called "sugar", not being called "white-hair", not being called "zombie", not being pushed, not being shot, not being touched, not being your brother, not cooperating, not going berserk, not killing family, piercings, platform boots, profanity, pulp novels, regenerating, rescuing badou, rescuing children, rescuing fetish mutants, sarcasm, shooting giovanni, shooting the mafiosa, sleeping above the covers, sleeping erratically, sleeping on the floor, snapshots of badou's failures, spaghetti bolognese, strangers on a train, stumping bishop with existentials, the smell of gunfire, three-meat tortellini, video games, violence, violent women, watching people not regenerate, wearing sunglasses at night
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