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Player Information

Name: Skunky (“Skuun”) or “Thumbs”
Age: 22
AIM SN: Bluh. AIM doesn’t work for me. I have a plurk (egregiousDerp) and a Yahoo (sweet_jumpin_jillybeans). If the AIM thing ever changes, I’ll be sure to let everyone know, though.
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Erm. Yes. But only one "big" one. (Hometrail. Which probably wasn't even that big.) And it’s been a while. Mostly I’m a dressing room haunt, so I could probably use a little help anyway, and would totally appreciate people letting me know if I’m fundamentally screwing something.
Currrently Played Characters: None. Not here, anyway.
Conditional: Activity Check Link: Not applicable
Conditional: Official Reserve Link: Aaaaand I don’t have one because I’m kind of a moron. Sorry.

Character Information

Canon Source: the DOGS manga is licensed in the United States by VIZ media and scanlated a bunch of other places by enthusiastic folks I don’t actually know.
Canon Format: Erm. While there’s an OVA for the prelude stuff which is pretty much exactly the same as “book zero”, I’m working from the DOGS/DOGS: Bullets and Carnage mangas. (Also because the motion-animation for the DOGS OVA kind of sucks something disappointing.)
Character's Name: Heine Rammsteiner Yes, like the band. Apparently the author/artist is a fan. And yes, if I get in, anyone can have fun with fourthwalling that.
Character's Age: Not given. He could be anywhere from about seventeen to his mid-twenties, and it never seems to be terribly important to him to figure out exactly where in that range he is any moreso than it’s important to him to figure out the rest of his past. (The phrase “Soldiers aren’t born, they’re made” comes to mind…) It’d probably even be within his character to give different ages just to be ornery. By all means, try to card him for buying alcohol and M-rated video games for trouble. He has no I.D. He’s probably legal for everything. Not that it matters where he comes from or that he’s likely to indulge in anything.

What form will your character's NV take? Uhm. Just slap him some sort of standard cell phone-thing with simple, standard features for voice, video, and text features. That in and of itself’ll probably be mind-blowing enough to this dystopian fellow who’s used to land lines and pay phones.
Unless…you want to do something really mind-blowing and crazy with me and have his NV be two-part: where all text and voice features are handled phone-wise and the video feature is partially embedded in his collar itself, broadcasting video seen through his eyes when emotionally triggered. It’d probably be fun to have his NV features be limited in the phone because he himself worked as a partial NV, but it’s cool if it’s just the phone. (Samples are written for presumed “just a phone”. I’ll change them appropriately and gladly if the collar!video feature is approved.)

Character's Canon Abilities: Hoo boy.
Right, so the given canon abilities of the Cerberus Collar (or “spine”) given to soldiers of the “Rammsteiner” series are listed out indirectly in “Giovanni’s first report card” (front page, chapter eleven) as

--Regenerative Ability
--Pathogen Resistance
--Muscular and Skeletal Strength
--Neural Activity in Unused Brain Regions

Of these abilities, their displayed use within the series varies on emotional state of the user to some extent. (That is, Heine seems to regenerate faster when he’s pushed harder; when he’s riled, angry, or excited.)

Some like the “Neural Activity” bit only have implied uses so far as I’ve seen, and none of them seem to be to Heine’s benefit. (Giovanni tends to appear and goad Heine in the form of dreams, or even hallucinations, which might be a sign of the neural side, but it’s not like he’s suddenly developed telekinisis or the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes.) The alleged “Pathogen Resistance” hasn’t been used at all, even, in canon, for all the fact we assume it’s there since it seems to be a standard package deal for your average childhood-in-metaphorical-hell home-grown cerberus soldier. We’ll assume it’s because a canon which allows genetic engineering probably has dabbled in bio-weaponry, and it actually makes strategic sense. It’s resistance, anyway, not immunity.

As for the other two abilities, Muscular/Skeletal strength has been used to punch through people’s bodies (he tears his sister in two pieces with his bare hands), bust out of handcuffs, break down doors, and bite off cheeks…it even leads to some really improbably strong chain-fighting in Heine’s case. (Ie: normal people with normal physics don’t usually snap other peoples’ wrists with their gun chains, or break necks with sheer momentum.) In short, he’s a lot stronger than he looks, and this natural ability has been accentuated by implied years of weapons training and hand-to-hand death-brawls. If nothing else, Heine rather explicitly and obviously knows how to fight, and he’s generally stronger and tougher than the average person in ways that blur the superhuman line.

The “regenerative ability”, though, is probably the most outstanding feature of all. Puppy here is effectively immortal to anything but a fatal head wound. (I spent a truly ridiculous amount of studying his fight sequences, and he regenerates from superficial facial wounds, too, it turns out.) You can pump him full of bullets, and he’ll get up and return the favor most likely. How long it takes him to do so is the only debatable thing, and as previously mentioned, the rate seems variable according to the amount of stress he’s under, or, more informally put, the “zone” he’s in.

If he’s in a “killing mood” or fired up, he regenerates almost instantly. (Seen in gun-fights with Giovanni, or a whole wing of mafiosa, for example.) If he’s taken by surprise, it seems to take him a matter of… minutes, perhaps, if I’m generous on the side of caution. (As in the “book 0” base DOGS story where he takes a shotgun blast to the gut and falls out of a window, and actually lies there dead for a bit before his collar wakes him.) Also, in Heine’s case, having his inner “dog” running him also seems to alter that power-use-rate (ie: his “superpowered evil side”, or what’s known in the story as the “first spine”), if he’s fighting that other self down, it also seems to take him longer to utilize the abilities of his collar. I’d even go so far as to say he might indirectly be inhibiting it. (Whether he actually wants to die for real is part of Heine’s mystery psychological package, which just adds to that. More on the first spine bit at the end of this next section on weaknesses.)

Weaknesses of this design are as follows as near as I can figure:

--Heine’s an albino, albeit, an albino impervious to conventional damage. He still seems to dislike sunlight, maybe even bright light in general. (“It’s a pain to go to the surface and I can’t stand the sun.”—presuming this statement is truthful and not just a brush-off to Badou, which…could be debated.) That he might have somewhat imperfect vision is a possibility just based on his imperfect accuracy with a gun, though that could be anything, truthfully, from a side-effect of his dual-wielding style (which traditionally reduces accuracy), to even a lambent apathy towards killing certain victims.

I tend to play on the side of less-than-perfect daytime vision regardless, and use it for heightened stun-value on the part of opponents in a fight. (This mun’s a pale-eyed indoors-dweller, and bright sunlight gives me some trouble, so I think I could play it as such more accurately. If this bit seems like headcanon, or comes off as a longshot otherwise, I can modify or remove it.)

--Since the head is a weak point, Heine’s used to fighting to protect it, and dodges especially quickly away from head-blows whereas he seems perfectly willing to take damage in other areas. This could be noted by a clever fighter, though actually shooting him in the head (shooting just being a random example) might be difficult thanks to his abilities. It still probably counts as a possible Achilles heel to someone observant enough to notice, and ruthless enough to attempt to exploit it. It’s the only real way to kill him, and it’s quite possible even not-killing him but landing a head blow would slow him down as he tried to sort out his urges after and control his instinct to lash out. (Possibly seen with Naoto during their battle couple moment with Luki and Noki when she hits him in the face with her sword hilt, and he drops the weapon!girl he’s been sadistically choking, seeming to come back to himself.)

--A last mixed weakness/strength is his possession of the “first spine”. His second personality, if you will. And a fairly evil/psychotic one at that. (Instead of covering the “first spine” personality in the personality section, I’m covering it briefly here since it’s not really “Heine”.)

Heine’s “dog” for the most part is your standard inner evil voice who talks about “coming out and playing”. It appears to have no remorse, no boundaries, and as the cherry on the top of the cake, it’s the force responsible for him killing his sister, Lily—something Heine not only never forgives himself for, but which has serious emotional impact on him to say the least. As he fights, he constantly also fights to hold this “dog” in check-and he’s very good at it. Many test subjects were given attempted bonding with the first spine, and Heine was the only success, and the only willing subject, for that matter. He wanted to be stronger, and be the leader who got him and his companions, or even his “siblings” so to speak, out of their captivity. That this desire on his part turned out so horribly wrong, and left him susceptible, in a way, to this invading personality, is likewise something he’s never forgiven himself for. If anything, though, it might explain why he’s forcibly become the “master” personality, and the first spine is the “dog”.

It’s hard to tell because of his bio augumentation mixed in with this double-person bit if Heine’s mentally very strong, or mentally very susceptible to outside mind control, or paradoxically both because of the level of modification to his system. (He’s designed to be commanded, as it were, first spine or no first spine, and strong will or not. And the “increased neural activity” section above seems to have only down sides for a man on the run as I said earlier.)

Relative susceptibility probably depends on his awareness of an act of force towards his mind, and how much his “dog” personality interferes with and sabotages him if an outside force attempts to act. Whether he’s “sensitive” to it or not in practice, the idea of being controlled by anyone is something he reacts to with anger.

At the same time, though, the presence of that second personality makes him better at synchronizing and achieving levels of function with his spine abilities that even the others of his “class” don’t have, making it a mixed advantage even though the fact it’s an aware entity in its own right is certainly a disadvantage. And, as mentioned before, holding back that personality and pushing it down—while it doesn’t seem to be particularly difficult for him—affects Heine’s rate of use for all his abilities, and particularly slows his regeneration along with whatever other troubles he might bring himself for hesitating long enough to regain control of himself.

When his “dog” personality takes over completely, it’s probably best to run just as hard as you would from any other capriciously sadistic cat-and-mouse maniac with a gun, though.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? Hahahaa. Right. No, I think we’re done, there. Unless you think he’d be better with lasers. (Please don’t think he’d be better with lasers.)

Weapons: Two guns, listed as a Mauser C-96 (his righthand white gun) with an attached chain he uses as a weapon in close-combat in its own right, (disarming people, or snapping limbs), and his black Luger P08 pistol. He carries both in back-pocket-like leg-strap holsters without making much serious attempt to hide them. (Depends on which coat he decides to wear, though.)

He also has a knife he pulls on Giovanni in their fight in book one, though. (At least…I think it’s a knife. It’s something switch-blade like, curved back, and nastily serrated. What it could be if it isn’t a knife isn’t something I can come up with a name for off the top of my head.)

Heine carries several spare clips on him for more prolonged gunfights, presumably in his arse-enal. (Ahahahahah. No. Really. You can see him switch them out in initial battle sequences with a warehouse full of mafiosa followed by a battle with Giovanni, so this isn’t just making arsenal soup. Given the trouble he and his partner get into, it’s not that surprising.)* Note if you need to know a better estimate: a full mauser clip stores ten rounds, and a luger stores nine.

Ah. Aaaand he has a propensity for spiked platform boots. Almost forgot those. He likes to drop kick people in the face when he’s too apathetic to pull out the guns. On the off chance I can’t find an example picture showing them, it looks like they have three spikes each—two coming out kind of “hammerhead” style in the front, and a prong in the back. Maybe they’re not fatal weapons, but they’re definitely weapons. Not that he’s Bayonetta or anything. Just…Consider the boots his variant on the classic anime paper-fan-for-idiots.

Character History:
The wiki link is here, but it probably needs what passes for a little supplementation with me.

The world of DOGS is definitely post-apocalyptic sci-fi, what with references to a "climate disaster" (followed up with "You know this planet used to have four seasons?") and definite evidence of "genetic technology running wild." That aside, it seems to mostly revolve around an environment which includes subterranean mad-scientists, genetic fetish mutants, and petty mafiosi, with every man woman and child slinging a gun, a sword, or at least a set of adorably petite flightless wings. Heine himself is a collared and tagged experiment after a fashion, "built as a weapon" in the midst of all that with said feel of lapsed technology and disaster as (debatably) the most sci-fi-afflicted member of the main cast.

Much of his history is implied. For starters, Heine has selective amnesia for bits of his past. He doesn't remember anything before waking up in a dark room, wandering out, and seeing a bunch of other children with collars around their necks just like him, immediately thrown into a life as a living weapon fighting day and night to stay alive, slave to the "Spine of Cerberus" (Also translated "Spine of Kerabos") a fragment of which seems to have been embedded in his own spine, producing regeneration even from death itself. I'd say he could be anywhere from ten to thirteen at the starting point, maybe older, but the exact timing is still fairly fuzzy, and the purpose undeniably twisted.

Through the tales of other characters, there's record of a past mass disappearance of children in the area, giving a potential clue to Heine's pre-lab origins. (He’s perhaps even a clone of the “mayor” of the city, for that matter.) Heine also feels kinship to the far younger, mute, winged fetish-mutant Nill, claiming "she's just like me, a thing created for someone else's desire." All in all, it's difficult to pinpoint Heine's exact origin from this point in canon with so many possibilities around. And as an experiment, and an "altered thing" if not an entirely artificial existence, having amnesia-blots in his memory is something Heine seems, if not comfortable with, then at least resigned to. Even if he is born naturally, his existence has a very artificial, "created" feel.

What we do know about him from his personality (excuse the overlap) is that his serious jumpiness around women stems from killing his sister in a particularly nasty way in this largely implied past he doesn’t elaborate on to people. (The picture shown so far is of half a girl embracing him, torn in two, with only poor Heine's numbly horrified face visible, loosely holding her. She’s still alive, even after that, being what he is, so he crushes her skull with his hands while she’s embracing him and he’s come back to full awareness of himself.) He's "thought" on at least one occasion of it as a nightmare where he lost control and punched his hands right through her. DOGS is M-rated for a reason. It's pretty violent.

There’s only one survivor of their Rammsteiner class, and that’s his “unfavorite” brother, Giovanni, who’s taken to calling on him with taunting and gunfights, and spirited rivalry. Giovanni battles with Heine while mafia-thugs get caught up in the background between two regenerating psychopaths... Heine refuses to follow Giovanni back into the underground, and...

After that refusal, and after discovering his blind "caretaker" the lolita-happy priest known as "Bishop" seems to have an earlier version of the Cerberus-spine collar, identifying himself as "Ernst Rammsteiner, the first failed experiment" with the casually added, "I guess I should call you 'brother'...but you'd hate that, wouldn't you?", a train barrels out from the underground spewing monstrous troops in dogs-masks with matching katana out into the populace, and Heine rather reluctantly battles them, instructing others in how to kill the regenerating "troops"--troops that are created, or perhaps more appropriately "manufactured" the same way he is. During one particularly fierce battle alongside the sword-wielding amnesiac, Naoto, and the “demi-human” fetish mods under “Granny Liza”, Heine faces Giovanni again, headshots him with what appears to be a trace of true regret, and is shocked when Giovanni gets back up again, shooting him back in the chest, his only weak point apparently neutralized. With that, Giovanni bids him adieu and proceeds to blow up a large section of the city, living to meet his “brother” another day.

At the point Heine’s taken from, the train's directors' modus operandi is yet unknown and Heine's tag-team partner Badou Nails is wrapping up an investigation which has left him pretty badly hospitalized while the rest of the city recovers from the underground’s onslaught, and Heine has a nice long inner flashback, followed by meeting Magato Fuyumine, and sparring for a bit while Magato taunts his “sister”, Naoto, just as she discovers the real connection between her Campanella Fruhling. (Good old Heine. He’s just kind of hanging out and trying not to get stabbed by knife-happy Magato.)

Then he’s in Canada. Poof.

Point in Canon: I'm taking him from chapter 65-ish. (So he's not having a big stab-fest or whatever with Magato.)

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: Let’s see... Ah. Hometrail. He got kicked out of a city for being a “vampire”, met Cloud Strife and privately boggled over the fact that they had the same voice, arrived at a place with seasons, where he was stuck communicating exclusively through song… (Allusions to which will probably tinge all first impressions of Canada in winter.) And roomed with a Romance-of-the-Three-Kingdoms-era Chinese general he may or may not have actually developed a grudging bit of respect for considering Zhou Yu didn’t flip out and didn’t seem impressed by the level of destruction Heine wrought on the room in a passive-aggressive attempt to have it all to himself.

Badou here at sirenspull is the same one from Hometrail, we muns are kind of friends for whatever it’s worth, and Jakkun’s a lovely terrible enabler so if they both have memories of it, that might lead to some interesting CR for why Heine shows up who knows how many months later. It would make his guilt fantastic. If nothing else, I want that.

(Also, since I’m assuming there have been previous Heines at SP, this being a big place and all, if there’s anything I need to brush up on or incorporate here that you’d like, I’d be happy to do so.)

Character Personality: And then there was textblock shamelessly altered from my last app.
There's some element of cultivated external "badassery" at work here if that's a term I can use in a proper sense. In the proverbial young, rebellious "eff you and the horse you rode in on" sense that talks gutter-trash, lives in the big bad city, and sometimes gets involved with sundries and comes out on top due to being just that badass. It's the larger-than-life gunslinger, the urban mafiosa thug, and the shell-shocked soldier rolled all into one, coated in a light veneer of "coolness". He's that gloomy, grim, black-leather-wearing pale guy who walks out at night, sees pimps after their runaway prostitutes and shrugs to himself in a cool-headed gravel monotone that he can't get involved in every single little thing in a fallen, gritty world. It's bleak, monochrome, and with a touch of proper noir, and maybe a splash of blood here and there.

Heine’s overall feel is that of cultivated genre-savviness trying to make sense of a dystopian universe. With his past, it's unsurprising that Heine would identify partially in larger-than-life fictional archetypes--it's hard for him to be only human when he’s debatably immortal and made to fill a role bigger than life, and his like is found in fiction more readily than in "reality" even as defined within his world. Basically, he seems to live in a sort of insulated shell he makes for himself.

Underneath the Noir-Emulation, Heine's strung out pretty tightly between the invariable backlash from the sheer volume of nasty in his past, and keeping his proverbial berserker switch off. His gynophobia (fear of women) is legendary enough—enough that even a waitress offering him coffee in a way that catches him off-guard will make him jump back like you're something dangerous, and touching him (God forbid) is enough to send him into a full-out head-grabbing fit to control himself while veins bulge in his throat and he has a literal spazz out, flashing back to memories of his dead sister, Lily. He just can't emulate a normal reaction to women except undeniable chilliness no matter how hard he tries. And no matter how much he tweaks the outer image and plays the part of a normal human, there’s no doubt he feels isolated, while at once he tries to preserve that isolation as much as he can out of a sort of perverse need to protect people.

It’s quite straightforward and unfussed the way most of the things eh deals with are: his past is trouble. And he’s all too aware that other people aren’t indestructible. It’s almost impossible he doesn’t have a morbid streak to his protection, while his past makes it impossible for him to let himself forget he can’t protect everyone the way he’d like. His confidantes are few and far between, and his tendency to volunteer information is next to nonexistent.

Those ties he makes are few, and unbreakable, and as secretly one-sided as he can make them, which…isn’t very onesided, considering he has Badou, Nill, Bishop, and even perhaps Naoto, and the constant reminder in his rival, Giovanni, that just because he’s friends with someone doesn’t mean they can’t blame him for what happens to them as a result. His only volunteered whispered confessions of strain are to a mute who can’t say anything back. Heine is survivor’s guilt personified, and rendered taciturn, spilling out a mental monologue narrating everything he does to himself, and holding on to the past, constantly worrying it like a bone.

Paradoxically in all his archetypical dragging and self-casting, are his mundane moments. He might have a secretly rich imagination, and be a walking weapon, but he's also the guy who stays up all night playing video games even though he's playing, not because he likes them, but because he can't sleep and doesn't want to dwell on much of anything. But on the outside, this probably looks like contrasting normality.

He has his tastes: old black and white movies, and pixilated first-person shooters... It's one thing to live your life being forged into a weapon, but another to live it in reality. There's a lot of space between, as he seems to have learned over the years, and it needs to be taken up somehow, even if you don't have an interest in it. He's neither depressed nor content, but simply existing, waiting for the right scrap of information to lead him back. In a way, he’s probably killing time like he kills everything else, but I’d wonder if he isn’t sure which feels better: normality and all its boredom, or being caught in the middle of strife like he’s made to e.

In the many spaces between murder and mayhem, pretty much at a loss to explain all the things he’s been through, (No matter how he tries to make sense of it and even narrate it in his head) or how or why he comes to a conclusion with such a wildly different past to base it off of, Heine generally comes off as apathetic in his day-to-day interactions. Unsociable. In a way, that probably suits him fine, too, because what’s normal for people, anyway, except being the exact opposite of what he’s made to be like when he fights? It’s not as if he can really tell.

There’s no doubt that, if anything, is one of Heine’s fundamental beliefs, it’s that because he’s a created “thing”, he’s made only for one thing: fighting.

It's not his intent to be horrifying, though some aspects of him are. He grimly admits he sees himself as a monster, but there's no drama, or self-hatred to the statement. It's simply what he is. He's disgusted with the fact he's alive and others aren't, he admits to Nill, but it's hard to tell if it’s because of what he’s been made into, or because he sees death as a wholly human thing—something he can never really achieve. On the hairline between accepting and submitting to his inner "dog" and those who would use him, between self-destructing in some misguided penance, or giving into his urges for violence for their own sake, Heine maintains control enough to stop at listless, gloomy introspection, and his fairly passionless attitude of waiting, and all things considered, and considering how else he could be taking it, he thinks that’s pretty good. Maybe the best he’ll get. Maybe not.

For all that he plays up a "hair-trigger-about-to-snap" persona duality to those who actually do know about his reckless battle-style, and horrifying violent side, he still holds back. The violence is actually quite alienated from his "real" personality. And, because he was born into it from his first memory, violence is sort of something he takes for granted. It just happens. It has no bearing on him, really, and it’s almost peaceful, even, sometimes. But is it human to see things that way, or just another mark that makes him a “monster”?

It's not to say he can't be set off and set off really badly, but for a situation to be bad enough for Heine to let himself go, and rely on his second inner personality (Which really is inhuman and a monster) is much more unusual than he'd let on: while he's quite messed up, he isn't stupid by any means, nor without conscience for all the methodical attempts made to deaden it in his brutal past. His collar, and the personality in it are the function he's "built" for, but they certainly don't control him unless he lets them, and that in and of itself seems to just cause more questions for him, in a way. Attacking him, harming him, or particularly landing a blow and triggering an instance where he needs to regenerate, often trigger moments of brutal repayment, but they're single moments, solitary actions, and Heine himself surfaces soon after, oddly adjusted to it all, but often visibly moodied.

It’s pretty clear he isn’t a cruel person for all he seems to think he might be, or should be. He doesn’t see or even think clearly about the fact all the things he regrets come from heroism. He’s an undoubted pessimist, and the ends which came about make the means despicable to him no matter what you might tell him otherwise. He doesn’t find himself admirable. He doesn’t find himself worth liking, and so he reacts badly to any attempts at expressing he’s either on the part of other people. It’s not simply that he can’t take a compliment—it’s more that he has no reason to believe it.

Yet, for all the times he'll let Badou get captured, beat up, and even mildly tortured, he never once actually lets his partner get seriously enough hurt to not lend him a hand in mopping up the situation. (Especially given Badou's own maniacally violent side when deprived of nicotine for long enough--usually about ten minutes.) His internal thoughts about seeing pimps after runaway prostitutes and not being able to get involved in every single one implies that sometimes he does indeed get involved when it's not his business—as he does when rescuing Nill. And when Naoto feints, even Heine's legendary inability to even get near to women, while certain to make him step out of the way, can't actually let him allow her to drop the whole way and hurt herself. That little bit of him probably just makes the determination not to lose control that much stronger, stemming especially from his experience losing control absolutely and killing his sister Lily.

But is it human, and is it enough?
No. Of course not. Perhaps it never will be.

His best kept secret is probably that Heine actually likes people. Some of them anyway, which is the same to him as liking people in general. The same as having two weak points instead of just one. He's got an undeniably interesting way of showing it, and sure doesn't think it's a good idea to try to display this liking in anything less than veiled, almost playful little moments of gravel-deadpan, but if he didn't like people he wouldn't have any qualms at all about letting them get hurt even though he'd rather everyone in the universe sit back and think of him as a monotoned icecube.

There are exceptions to his apparent "hands-off" attitude, and demeanor, and there are things he jumps in for when he has no business doing so. It's something he's sort of privately irritated by: someplace in the recesses of killing machine, there's a beating heart that actually likes looking after Nill and making sure she has her frilly dresses. And there's part of him that likes listening to Badou whine about things in a satisfactorarily distracting manner even though he'll put on a show of retaliatory blunt insult and abuse. And there's a part of him still, which cares enough about what happens to those "like him" to protect them. Those parts don't really fit in with his "design", and he's aware of it in the most dimly, vaguely awkward way: it's too human. And he's still not sure what to make of it.

That said, even then part of his apparent insensitivity might just be lack of understanding. Pain is "just pain" and that pain doesn't last. When he regenerates, granted, it hurts, but he has an inadvertent insensitivity to the cumulative continuousness of pain and its effect on other people. It's something he likely finds curious. And that curiosity might be a better reason he lets the constantly-whining Badou get a little roughed up before wandering in to snatch him out of perpetual trouble for the umpteenth time: Badou of all people definitely lets you know when he's hurt, and more than killing people outright or regenerating, the slow healing process of wounds is probably interesting to Heine in a way that's neither sadistic nor masochistic, but almost innocent for all the fact that he truly doesn't understand it and has to approach it with the odd bluntness and distance of any other relational aspect he tries to figure out that adds up “human”, and proves to him there’s something he lacks.

As with Nill, after all, as Heine explains, scientists always take something away from you when they give you something. It’s their way of keeping a creation from being superior to its creator.

That said, his sense of humor might also have something to do with how he treats Badou. Humor's just another bit of his growing humanity shining through more than anything: It's said humor is the mark of an interrupted defense mechanism, and Heine's nothing but defense and attack instincts. His humor is decidedly dry, particularly appreciative of irony and he certainly derives amusement from putting other people in situations. (Particularly certain loud, constantly whining chain smokers.)He'll literally cough up bullets and say he had some cheap candy stuck in his throat.

At his best, at his most oddly affectionate, a person could expect him to unrepentantly shut them down, insult their attempts at being clever, and tell them what he thinks of their suggestion that he at any time take his orders from you. Because maybe, just maybe he can hide, even from himself, just a little while longer that he isn’t actually cold and unfeeling when he follows around his “people”. Maybe without knowing it, but always like his namesake dog.

With Badou, he paradoxically has the greatest and most absurd intimacy in how he’ll actually bump shoulders with him and not be consumed with over-awareness of it. He’s downright used to Badou as long as he isn’t taken further off guard. He's still got more triggers than a gun shop there for mood-dampeners, but he's also clearly had some time to work out what's hanging over him so he's not the total inhuman basket case he might have been, and he can function with what passes for normality for…oh…possibly an aspergers patient.

But at least that’s human. He’ll take what he can get there.
And he probably intends to keep working at it a little while longer for the sake of a very select few, to see if maybe he can figure out where he stands on the line between demi-human and really, truly human.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: Er. I think I covered it all in the Previous Game History above. Sorry I not separating the two made this more complicated. It wasn’t intentional.
The above hasn’t really overtly softened Heine’s personality in any way. It’s just kind of consistent with it as it stands. Those people above just kind of…stuck around and he got attached to them, so to speak.

Character Plans: Well. Rescuing his buddy-partner Badou from lots of crap. (It always happens. WHAT’S WITH ALL THESE WOMEN.) Hanging with Nill. And probably getting checked out pretty fiercely by any X-verse mutants, and/or propositioned by secret politically oriented parties/factions throughout the city.

Really he just wants to stay home and be an insomniac and play video games all night, but we all know that almost certainly isn’t going to happen, because created super-soldiers never get many days off.

Also, possibly discovering snow. Seriously, what’s with all these seasons. And what the Hell is Canada, anyway? (Dystopian universe with implied climate tweaking is dystopian.)

More or less, I’m cool with all of the things.

Oh. Uhm. Except romance. Probably not happening with this guy. Ever. But you knew that already.

Appearance/PB:No PB, but his is what he looks like, plus a few special notes.
Hey, it’s that zombie pale guy.
Yes, he really does have white hair.
And he's cuddly and good-tempered as long as you don't call him names~

Stealing shamelessly from the last time I apped him, PLEASE NOTE that without the neck-bandage, he has a pretty nasty-looking contraption actually bolted into his neck. It’s NOT SUBTLE, and would be something to comment on if you see it. Or if you’re Magneto.
There's a scar stretching down Heine's spine about mid-back, going past his hairline stopping about level with his earlobes in the back. It's the only one he'll ever keep, and it goes under that bolt in the back. If you look real hard at the back of his head, you might notice the scar going up and through, because he can't bandage himself like a mummy. Mostly the bandages are there to hide the collar, not the scar, so that’s another thing you can go off of if you’re a doctor-type or you really really want the CR-laden talk which goes with the collar. (I’m down with it, but warn for potential violence if you go about it the wrong way. Just saying. It could be a point of apathy, or it could be a point for triggers depending on how you broach the topic.)

Here. Have a neck-shot for more detail and some naked people. (G'darnit Badou.)

Also, for a little more detail for characters going off of first impressions? There's a sort of uhm...waist-up naked shot for the original DOGS book "0" (because hey, it's M-rated anyway. Sorry, but I'm not putting it up because Naoto's distracting with her chest-scar and...well...chest.) That shot makes clear that Heine's about 172 cm tall. That's just under 5'8" even if his hair might give him another inch or two. So he's not a big guy. (I can’t say that with enough emphasis.)
And he has his attitude.
Since a lot of people go on toughness based on size at least in part, that might be good to know. (If you play a bully, or a villain who likes to goad or pry, this might be good to know, I thought.)

Writing Samples

First Person Sample
[The video feed starts with a click and a blurred scanning of the nocturnal landscape of the snow-covered baseball diamond, with a black-gloved thumb shifting over a good half of the lens. A glimpse of movement in the shadows, followed by another dizzying blur of movement, a mutter as the camera focuses downward in the grainy darkness. There’s a glint of metal, footwards, the crunching shift of a shoe in fresh snow. A few more clicks—something hard interacting with the outer shell of the device—and the soft metal noise of a chain moving, the safety of a gun being thumbed off, and that same softly irritable, flat voice called out into the darkness.]

Haven’t you pack of mangy strays had enough? I thought I just finished with you.

[The voice adds so quietly it’s hard to hear afterwards,]


[There’s a snap of movement, and the deafening crack of gunfire. The rolling video clatters into a patch of ice, filming the clear sky, almost perfectly black but for a spot of moonlight, the all too suggestive sound of violence filling the background before the feed times out.]

Third Person Sample
All things considered, passing through was relatively simple. It felt like the dreamy tickle in the base of his skull when he was nearly dead, just before the hard jolt of resurrection. The jolt never came, replaced by the gentle sensation of air. Of wind, of-


He snapped his arms around his head instinctively before impacting. Feet first, teeth gritted against the flash of pain. Sure enough, his neck burned a moment before diffusing down his spine into the sensation of his bones resetting, clicking back into place, and mending, the hair fractures in his shins vanishing. He could feel his heart hammering. Waking to a three story drop would do it to you every time.

He sniffed, breathing in biting cold. The smell of-


Heine’s nose wrinkled. There was only one instance with snow in his memory, and it felt more like a dream than anything else. Seasons. He hadn’t dreamed of a place with seasons since…

Well. It didn’t matter, anyway.

He could feel the cold well enough, not that it’d kill him. But those slow, stealthy noises behind the fence…those noises just outside of normal hearing…those might be a little more pressing. He was aware of them more from the feel of the hairs on the back of his neck prickling against the metal bolted over his skin.

His hands reached for his guns, paused, picked out the foreign object wedged into his mauser holster.

For the first time since he’d been dropped, Heine blinked, thrown for a loop.

What the Hell…

“What is this, Star Trek…?” He whispered to himself, breath frosting a cloud in the air as he prodded the cheerfully glowing screen, and…stared. (Good. He was talking. Not singing.)

The screen appeared to have cute puppies on it.

A slow, methodical struggle took place in Heine’s head. He’d dealt with a lot of strange dreams, but none of them had ever involved the appearance of sci-fi devices equipped with puppies in his gunbelt. There was even a little pouch on his belt, thoughtfully waiting for the addition of a mystery electronic thing. That was sinister if nothing else was. Who not only snuck a really garish piece of equipment onto you in a strange place with seasons, but left you a holster for it like it was a weapon?

He squinted at the screen with that thought, and prodded it again to see if it was some sort of sci-fi weapon. The puppies vanished, but nothing else seemed to happen.

The shuffle behind the fence brought him out of the moment.

Right. He could shoot the possible tracking device or whatever the Hell it was once he finished figuring out what the lurking thing in the dark was, and whether or not he should shoot it. Violence was much more comfortable ground than cute puppy devices, anyway.


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